Are you going to take this seriously or not?

Hey, Rin. Do you remember our dreams from back then?

reikou requested by anonymous → rei being intimidated by kou. 

There’s no point if you’re not with me! I want to swim with you.


"I’m gonna leave you all behind while you’re babbling," Haruka threatens, increasing his speed a bit. Nagisa does his best to keep up as they cross the bridge, but his breathing grows labored, and when Haruka notices he’s starting to fall behind, he glances downward—‘Guess this is it for him.’ A sigh mixes with his breath, and slowly, almost imperceptibly, he gentles his pace just a bit." -High speed!

Haru and Sousuke Parallels + ep. 9 | Unattainable Dreams 

Siblings are the people we practice on, the people who teach us about fairness and cooperation and kindness and caring.”

Seijuurou Mikoshiba - Ep 09

Haru and Makoto in their own little world together.